Mathematica Link for LabVIEW 2.1
Mathematica Link for LabVIEW
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Product Features

  • More than 75 low-level LabVIEW VIs implementing MathLink functions in LabVIEW
  • More than 50 high- and intermediate-level LabVIEW VIs illustrating how the low-level functions can be combined to achieve specific results
  • Five high-level VIs requiring no modification to achieve many of the most common MathLink objectives, including:
    • Dynamically opening and running LabVIEW VIs from inside a Mathematica notebook
    • Acquiring data using LabVIEW, then processing it interactively in a Mathematica notebook
    • Passing parameters and results from one application to the other
    • Sending scripts and numeric computations from LabVIEW to the Mathematica kernel for evaluation
    • Graphing and visualizing LabVIEW data or abstract functions using the Mathematica kernel, then displaying the results directly on a LabVIEW panel
    • Sophisticated, run-time processing of LabVIEW parameters by the Mathematica kernel
    • Exporting LabVIEW data using one of several standard publication-quality graphics formats
  • Complete, unrestricted access to all VI diagrams and the VI client module (end users can modify the toolkit elements as necessary to precisely match their requirements)

Usability and Workflow Features

  • Direct access to all toolkit VIs through the User Library of the LabVIEW Functions palette
  • Direct access to intermediate- and high-level VIs through the LabVIEW Tools menu
  • Electronic documentation available through the LabVIEW and Mathematica Help menus
  • Complete LabVIEW application examples demonstrating the high-level VIs in action, including:
    • A simple process simulation and control demo
    • A visualization demo based on Mathematica graphics manipulation
    • A demonstration of interapplication graphic-generation and export functions
    • A robotic control demo based on the Khepera robot
    • A step-by-step example following the evolution of a project using a hybrid LabVIEW/Mathematica workflow