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machine learning framework 2

Creating Understandable Computational Models from Data

Mathematica 8 compatible machine learning framework is a complete solution for business and financial engineers, process and manufacturing engineers, quality assurance professionals, and all experts who want to extract computational models from data. Knowledge engineers and machine learning experts, and others who search for a framework to develop customized solutions, will also benefit from its future-looking fuzzy variants of machine learning algorithms in an open architecture.

Optimized future-looking, fuzzy-logic-based machine learning methods and algorithms implemented in C++ are integrated into Mathematica's high-level symbolic computation, visualization, and programming environment. machine learning framework can be a powerful tool for all types of data mining and machine learning applications, including:

Key Features
  • Reporter, the new higher-level user interface, makes it possible to run a large number of model-training tasks and then get an overview and comparison of the performance of the different models that were created.
  • With Reporter, you can test all permutations and combinations of different data sets, algorithms and algorithm options. There are various options for structuring and formatting the output.
  • Incremental saving makes it possible to continue with the calculations after an interruption without having to complete tasks again.
  • To take advantage of the multicore revolution, it has parallelization built in, parallelizing model generation and cross model validation.

High-end architecture and machine learning approaches are very similar: select the right methods and combine them intelligently in a framework with mathematical and knowledge-based technologies. machine learning framework has successfully delivered this combined knowledge in a fast and robust solution for industry leaders.

machine learning framework is developed and supported by Software Competence Center Hagenberg (SCCH) GmbH, and is owned and licensed by uni software plus GmbH.

About the Developers

Software Competence Center Hagenberg (SCCH) was founded in 1999 by five institutes of the Johannes Kepler University Linz. As one of Austria's largest independent research centers, SCCH is a harbinger for software-related technological research and development trends.

uni software plus GmbH, a Mathematica reseller since 1990, is a solution provider in the field of computer mathematics, machine learning, and data mining, serving quantitative finance and process industries.

Technical Contact
fax: +43-(0)7236-3343-888
  Business Contact
uni software plus GmbH
fax: +43-(0)732-713647-30

machine learning framework 2 requires Mathematica 7 or 8 and is available for Windows and Linux.

Note: Contact the developer for upgrade or trial information. Commercial licenses include a one-year subscription to machine learning framework Premium Service. To purchase machine learning framework Premium Service for academic licenses, contact uni software plus GmbH.