PathwayLab Research Edition
PathwayLab Research Edition
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Key Features

PathwayLab Research Edition reduces the complexity of pathways and gives you the ability to improve the quality of new hypotheses, resulting in more-efficient use of wet-bench experiments.

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  • Easy creation and management of pathways
  • Ready-made intuitive symbols
  • Easy creation of customized symbol library
  • Auto-layout
  • Well integrated with Microsoft Office
  • Drawing and layout optimization
  • Easy integration of database information into pathways
  • Links to existing pathway data
  • Web export enabled
  • Support for documentation
  • Dynamic biochemical simulation
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Metabolic control analysis (MCA)
  • Robust steady-state analysis
  • Access to underlying mathematics
  • Report generation
  • Import of experimental data
  • Export to Mathematica
  • Automated parameter scanning