Structural Mechanics
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Structural MechanicsElastic Systems and Finite Elements with Full Symbolic Capability

Mathematica 8 compatible

Structural Mechanics is not a replacement for huge and expensive finite element analysis (FEA) programs; rather, it is an easy-to-use application that allows you to experiment, gain new insights and preprocess problems before you launch into computationally expensive and time-consuming finite element modeling.

Bring textbook formulas to life with exciting, interactive graphics.

Put a labful of experimental equipment into every computer.

Perform sophisticated calculations of all kinds, symbolically and numerically.

Using Structural Mechanics, you can:

  • Derive basic cross-sectional properties for pre- and user-defined cross sections.

  • Symbolically or numerically calculate bending functions, stress fields and deflection of cantilever beams. Plus, using a number of two- and three-dimensional graphical functions, visualize deflected beams under bending loads.

  • Determine closed-form solutions for torsional stresses and displacements, as well as for a number of cross-sectional constants such as twist and torsional rigidity.

  • Explore the finite element method using Structural Mechanics' shape function generation tools and perform two-dimensional finite element analysis.

  • Compute principal stress components and directions as well as maximum shear stress and its direction. Also compute and plot Mohr's circles to view a planar representation of a three-dimensional stress state.

Finally, Structural Mechanics allows you to easily access and symbolically manipulate lengthy equations for linearized theory of elasticity in Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinates.

The package comes with electronic documentation, which is fully integrated with the Wolfram Language Documentation Center.

Structural Mechanics 1.0.2 requires Mathematica 7 or 8.

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