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Documentation Table of Contents

Part 1. Summary of Time Series Functions

1.1 Time Series

1.2 Data Smoothing

Part 2. User's Guide to Time Series

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Stationary Time Series Models

  • Autoregressive Moving Average Models
  • Stationarity
  • Covariance and Correlation Functions
  • Partial Correlation Functions
  • Multivariate ARMA Models

2.3 Nonstationary and Seasonal Models

  • ARIMA Process
  • Seasonal ARIMA Process

2.4 Preparing Data for Modeling

  • Plotting the Data
  • Generating Time Series
  • Transformation of Data

2.5 Estimation of Correlation Function and Model Identification

  • Estimation of Covariance and Correlation Functions
  • The Asymptotic Distribution of the Sample Correlation Function
  • The Sample Partial Correlation Function
  • Model Identification
  • Order Selection for Multivariate Series

2.6 Parameter Estimation and Diagnostic Checking

  • Parameter Estimation
  • Diagnostic Checking

2.7 Forecasting

  • Best Linear Predictor
  • Large Sample Approximation to the Best Linear Predictor
  • Updating the Forecast
  • Forecasting for ARIMA and Seasonal Models
  • Exponential Smoothing
  • Forecasting for Multivariate Time Series

2.8 Spectral Analysis

  • Power Spectral Density Function
  • The Spectra of Linear Filters and of ARMA Models
  • Estimation of the Spectrum
  • Smoothing the Spectrum
  • Spectrum for Multivariate Time Series

2.9 Examples of Analysis of Time Series

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