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TSi ProPac 3.3

Control System Design and Multibody Dynamics

TSi ProPac is an integrated, enhanced version of TSi Dynamics and TSi Controls. The TSi ProPac package enables you to do the following.

  • Build plant models: Generate explicit, fully nonlinear, symbolic models for robots, automobiles, trucks, tanks, undersea vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft, and more. Include flexible bodies, discontinuous friction, backlash, and impact.
  • Create simulations: Simulate in Mathematica or generate optimized C code that defines a plant module.

  • Obtain linear models: Generate linear models at specified equilibria or create parameter-dependent families of linear models.

  • Design linear controls: Use classical or modern linear-control design methods.

  • Design nonlinear controls: Employ dynamic inversion, nonlinear output regulation, and variable structure control.

  • Design adaptive controls: Design adaptive regulators and tracking controllers via input-output linearization or backstepping.

  • Implement controllers: Generate optimized C code that defines a control module. Use it for simulation or to create a real-time DSP implementation.

Developed and supported by Techno-Sciences, Inc.

Techno-Sciences, Inc.
11750 Beltsville Drive, 3rd Floor
Beltsville, MD 20705
phone: 204-790-0600
fax: 204-790-0605

TSi ProPac 3.3 requires Mathematica 6.

Mathematica 6 compatible 
version coming soon! Buy now and receive a free upgrade  

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