Wolfram gridMathematica 7 Server--Parallel computations made easy across a network

gridMathematica Server is an integrated extension system for increasing the power of your Mathematica licenses. Each gridMathematica Server gives Mathematica users a shared pool of 16 additional network-enabled Mathematica computation kernels for running distributed parallel computations over multiple CPUs. There is no need to change your existing parallel code--just make gridMathematica Server available, and parallel programs can automatically use the additional CPU power. Whether you have a massively parallel task or just want a little boost, you can quickly grab some extra power when you need it.

gridMathematica Server provides:

Mathematica's broad platform support and 64-bit optimizations, including integration with many cluster management systems such as Altair PBS Professional, Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server, Microsoft HPC Server, Platform LSF, and Sun Grid Engine

Wolfram Lightweight Grid Manager, which makes it easy for any Mathematica installation to launch computation kernels on shared remote high-performance computing (HPC) hardware and on the user's local machine and to instantly distribute computations over them

MathLink's support for both Gigabit and high-speed data networks


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