Wolfram UK Programming Challenge 2012

The Wolfram Programming Challenge 2012 is a chance to get your students programming and contributing their creations to the Wolfram Demonstrations Project. As well as learning programming, students will have to exercise their creativity and presentation skills. The competition also gives students the opportunity for the real-world experience of getting their work published online—a great addition to UCAS applications and CVs.

"Programming is to STEM what composition is to English," says Conrad Wolfram, founder of computerbasedmath.org and CEO of Wolfram Research Europe Ltd. "It's the way to express yourself, to show your creativity, to make your own thing."

Entries are now closed. For details on future competitions, please contact wrel-events@wolfram.com.

To view this year's winners, visit our blog.

The Wolfram Demonstrations Project is the world's largest collection of interactive knowledge apps—attracting millions of professional and educational visitors and bringing to life more than 7,000 ideas from STEM and a remarkable range of other fields.

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This challenge is sponsored in part by the Computer-Based Math initiative, which aims to build a completely new math curriculum with computer-based computation at its heart.

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