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The Wolfram Open Cloud provides free, instant access to Wolfram Programming Lab—a powerful programming environment designed to make learning to code fun and accessible. By creating a free account, you'll have the ability to save your work and share it with others on the web. Sign up today to get started!

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Wolfram Programming Lab for Desktop

Wolfram Programming Lab for Desktop delivers additional Wolfram Language capabilities in a fast, smooth experience. And unless you're using cloud-based functionality, you can work without internet connectivity. In addition, you'll have access to Explorations that utilize capabilities only available on the desktop.

Full Dynamic Interactivity

The notebook interface in the cloud is a feat of engineering, but the desktop experience has been refined for three decades to provide seamless real-time dynamic updating, as well as features like dynamic image processing.

Enhanced Classroom Experience

Push handouts and assignments directly to your students with the ability to create and manage groups of cloud users. Your students can also explore topics in depth by working through the Exploration Themes.

Additional Subscription Benefits

  • More resources: increased session memory, extended computations, additional Cloud Credits and more Wolfram|Alpha API calls
  • Unrestricted deployments: your deployments never expire
  • Technical support
  • And more!

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Create and export sounds and melodies.
Cameras, microphones and other connected devices are instantly accessible.
Create and manipulate 3D models in real time.
Every interactive control is fully native to each desktop platform.
Interactive drawing tools, 2D and 3D image editing tools, and native wizards.
Create and share interactive lessons and classroom materials.

Wolfram Programming Lab For Desktop Available For

Mac Windows Linux

Share Files between Cloud and Desktop

Access your cloud files from the desktop or upload your desktop files to the cloud—the two are integrated together in one single, seamless experience.