Wolfram Service Credits

Wolfram Service Credits let you seamlessly access additional functionality in Wolfram Language programs that use integrated services from external providers.

Service Credits give you access to paid external services without the need for separate external accounts. Anyone with a Wolfram ID may purchase Service Credits.

Functions Using Service Credits


Search for webpages, including snippet text etc. Providers: Microsoft, Google


Translate text to and from dozens of languages. Providers: Microsoft, Google


Search for images on the web, immediately retrieving thumbnails etc. Providers: Microsoft, Google

GeoImage, ...

Get high-resolution satellite imagery of the Earth down to below 1-meter resolution. (experimental) Provider: DigitalGlobe

SendMessage* (coming soon)

Send SMS and MMS messages via a web API. Provider: Twilio

Service Credits Rates

WebSearch (providers: Microsoft, Google)3 credits for up to 10 results
WebImageSearch (providers: Microsoft, Google)3 credits for up to 10 results
TextTranslation (providers: Microsoft, Google)10 credits per 1,000 characters
GeoImage** (provider: DigitalGlobe)1 credit per 15 tiles
SendMessage* (SMS) (provider: Twilio)4 credits per message
SendMessage* (MMS) (provider: Twilio)10 credits per message
*Coming soon
**Not billed during experimental period