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Technical Computing with Mathematica: Capabilities, Design, and Applications

Wolfram Research Tour of India
September 10-18, 2001



This talk will provide an overview of Mathematica's capabilities, its applicability to different areas of technical work, and the underlying design philosophy that makes technical computing possible. Practical examples will be computed live during the seminar, both to give an idea of the system's capabilities and to demonstrate design principles.


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Speaker: Dr. Paul Abbott
Department of Physics
University of Western Australia

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About the Speaker

Paul Abbott is a computational physicist at the University of Western Australia (UWA). Dr. Abbott obtained a Ph.D. in theoretical atomic physics from UWA in 1986. He worked for Wolfram Research, Inc. from 1989-92 in its Applications department and is presently a Wolfram Research consultant. In 1990 Dr. Abbott was the founding technical editor of The Mathematica Journal, and he continues his involvement with the journal as a columnist. Dr. Abbott uses computer algebra in his teaching and in his research on wavelets, atomic physics, and special functions. He is the author of two Mathematica-related books.

About Wolfram Research

Wolfram Research is the world's leading developer of technical computing software. The company was founded in 1987 by Stephen Wolfram and released the first version of Mathematica, its flagship product, on June 23, 1988. Mathematica is a comprehensive package that combines symbolic and numerical functionality, data visualization, a high-level programming language, and flexible links to other applications. The recipient of many industry awards for technical excellence, Wolfram Research provides its financial services clients with a powerful, general-purpose system for the rapid prototyping, visualization, and implementation of mathematical financial models. Specialized tools are available for time series, the pricing and analysis of derivatives, and more.

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