Site Home-Use Mathematica License Request Form

Site Home-Use Mathematica License Request Form

If your organization does not have a site license but you have subscribed your own copy of Mathematica, Network Mathematica, gridMathematica, Mathematica Personal Grid Edition, webMathematica, or Mathematica Standard Edition to Service, please use the Service personal-use request form instead.

STUDENTS: Please click here to find out if Mathematica Student Edition is available through your school.

Note: Please fill out this form in English, with English characters only (no umlauts, accents, or other special characters).

What is your site activation key?

Note for existing users: Please do not enter your existing Mathematica home-use activation key here. You will be asked for your home-use activation key on the next page.

Where do I find the activation key?

Your activation key is in the form XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXX.
Note: If you have a product that does not have an activation key, you can enter your license number in the field above. Your license number is in the form LXXXX-XXXX.

What are you requesting?
A new home-use license
An upgrade for an existing home-use license
An extension for an existing home-use license