Site Home-Use Mathematica License Request Form

Site Home-Use Mathematica License Request Form

If your organization does not have a site license but you have subscribed your own copy of Mathematica, Network Mathematica, gridMathematica, Mathematica Personal Grid Edition, webMathematica, or Mathematica Standard Edition to Premier Service, please use the Premier Service home-use request form instead.

STUDENTS: Please click here to find out if Mathematica Student Edition is available through your school.

What is your site activation key?

Note for existing users: Please do not enter your existing Mathematica home-use activation key here. You will be asked for your home-use activation key on the next page.

Where do I find the activation key?

Your activation key is in the form XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXX.
Note: If you have a product that does not have an activation key, you can enter your license number in the field above. Your license number is in the form LXXXX-XXXX.

What are you requesting?
A new home-use license
An upgrade for an existing home-use license
An extension for an existing home-use license

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