Improve Your Research and Development Workflow with Mathematica

Develop, design, and prototype new products from the ground up, all in one system.

With an integrated environment and a broad range of computational abilities and deployment options, Mathematica provides a complete R&D workflow, from modeling to analysis to presentation.

Discover Mathematica's powerful features for research and development and see how its value far exceeds other products':

  • Rapidly prototype models and methods with its flexible programming language, reducing costs and time through virtual testing
  • Keep notes on product design, code for models, and results—even presentations and interactive tools—in a single organized electronic laboratory notebook
  • Examine results with descriptive statistics for univariate and multivariate data, several regression models, and a wide variety of built-in standard statistical charts and graphs
  • Accelerate your research or product development by integrating with other systems—everything from databases to lab equipment to existing code
  • Perform robust calculations for quality management, failure testing, and more, using industrial-strength hybrid symbolic-numeric functions across a broad range of mathematical and scientific fields
  • Instantly create interactive applications to test parameters for new designs and models
  • Create publication-ready visualizations, or deploy applications locally or server-side
  • Compute with built-in continually updated data across technical and sociological fields, including all reference human proteins; detailed physical, chemical, and molecular properties of more than 34,000 compounds; the entire DNA sequence of the human genome; and hundreds of geographic, demographic, and economic properties for countries, cities, and other entities

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