Improve Your Clinical Trial Design and Analysis with Mathematica

Mathematica makes clinical trial management more efficient. The software includes powerful statistics functionality for modeling, simulations, and analysis alongside unique capabilities like instant interactivity and the benefits of any-precision numeric and symbolic computations.

Pull in your data, do standardized or custom analysis and visualization, then generate and deploy interactive reports—all in one system, with one integrated workflow.

Discover Mathematica's powerful features for designing and analyzing clinical trials and see how its value far exceeds other products':

  • Complete your entire data analysis workflow, from data import to calculations to visualization and presentation, in one document
  • Work with built-in descriptive statistics functions for all standard statistical distributions
  • Fit and analyze parametric models of data, including linear, nonlinear, logit, probit, and generalized linear models, for actual or simulated trials
  • Perform statistical power analysis, hypothesis testing, survival analysis, compute confidence intervals, and more
  • Use built-in functions for univariate analysis of variance (ANOVA) on models with any number of fixed factors, using balanced or unbalanced data
  • Compute with both numeric and symbolic calculations for performance, accuracy, and reliability
  • Seamlessly import and export data in hundreds of formats
  • Instantly create fully interactive interfaces for real-time statistical modeling and analysis
  • Compute with built-in curated data, including detailed physical, chemical, and molecular properties of more than 34,000 compounds as well as demographic, public health, and socioeconomic data from all countries

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