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For non-professional use by hobbyists and enthusiasts
SystemModeler Home Edition is ideal for individuals who are interested in SystemModeler for personal, non-professional use. These licenses may not be used for commercial, nonprofit, academic, or government use.


Get started for a special price, or transition from personal
SystemModeler Starter Edition helps new users to start using SystemModeler for government use at a significant discount compared to the Standard license. Although this product may not be upgraded to a new version after the first year, purchasers who begin using SystemModeler more extensively for their projects or want to continue Premier Service may convert to a Standard Edition for a special price.


The professional standard for everyday use
SystemModeler Standard Edition includes all of the features and benefits to fully support your modeling and simulation projects. It is ideal for both small and large projects and can be used for government professional or personal use.

Modeling & Simulation Suite

The ultimate integrated modeling, simulation, and analysis workflow
The Wolfram Modeling & Simulation Suite is ideal for individuals interested in using SystemModeler for modeling and simulation, then using Mathematica to programmatically control SystemModeler simulations, analyze model equations and simulation results, and present results with advanced graphics and interactivity.

Product Features

Licensed for Professional
Products that are licensed for government professional use allow for personal or government use. Products that are not licensed for professional use include the same functionality but are intended for personal, non-professional use only.
Subscribers can renew Premier Service annually, which includes free upgrades, except for Starter licenses.
First year only
One Year of Premier Service Included with Purchase
Premier Service May Be Renewed Annually
Mathematica License Included with Purchase
Parallel Computing Support in Mathematica
Mathematica provides automatic parallel computing on multicore computers.

Premier Service Benefits

Benefits apply as long as service subscription is maintained.

Technical Support
Premier Service subscribers worldwide can receive technical support in English directly from Wolfram Research. Subscribers outside of the United States and Canada also have the option to contact their local Wolfram Sales Partner, who will most likely be able to provide personalized support in their native language.
(For first 30 days)
(First year only)
Email + Phone Email + Phone
Complimentary Upgrades
When a new version of your product is released, you will have access to it via the Wolfram User Portal. We will also send you an email notification with a link to download the upgrade for your product. You will be eligible to receive all upgrades during your subscription period free of charge.
  First year only
Free Home-Use License
When you subscribe to Premier Service, you qualify for free home-use licensing so you can use the product on a personally owned home computer or dual boot machine during your subscription period.
  First year only
(SystemModeler and Mathematica)
15% off Wolfram Training Classes
  First year only
Wolfram Workbench
As a Premier Service subscriber, you'll have the opportunity to download a complimentary copy of Wolfram Workbench, giving you access to sophisticated code editing, navigation, and project management tools in Mathematica for enterprise-class development and deployment.
webMathematica Amateur
You can get a complimentary copy of webMathematica Amateur that lets you deliver interactive calculations and visualizations over the web.
Lightweight Grid Manager
Wolfram Lightweight Grid Manager is available as a free download to all Premier Service subscribers, allowing you to easily connect to your computer's idle Mathematica computation kernels from remote computers.

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