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Benefits of Premier Service

Support & Upgrades

Free software upgrades
When a new version of your product is released, we will send you an email notification with a link to download the upgrade for your product. You will be eligible to receive all upgrades during your subscription period free of charge.
Free personal technical support
Premier Service subscribers worldwide can receive technical support in English directly from Wolfram Research. Subscribers outside of the United States and Canada also have the option to contact their local Wolfram Sales Partner, who will most likely be able to provide personalized support in your native language.

Complimentary Products & Services

Free home-use licensing
When you subscribe to Premier Service, you qualify for free SystemModeler home-use licensing so you can use SystemModeler on a personally owned home computer or dual boot machine during your subscription period.

Special Discounts

15% off Wolfram Training classes
Discounts and invitations for conferences and events
As a Premier Service subscriber, you will receive special invitations and discounts for Wolfram Research conferences, presentations, seminars, and other events. Discounts vary per event, but usually range from 10 to 50% off.

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