Technology Guide--The Technology Inside Matters

The MathML standard for describing mathematical expressions, adopted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), is based on key ideas from Wolfram Research's typesetting technology. This close relationship between the web's markup standard and Mathematica's internal representation put Mathematica in a unique position. As a result, a full-featured authoring and evaluation environment for documents with MathML expressions is wholly integrated into the flexible, extensible technical document authoring system built into Mathematica, Publicon, and other Wolfram Research products.

Why did the WC3 drafting committee use Mathematica's expression box structure as the starting point? Wolfram Research had done many years of research into the representation, interpretation, and display of mathematical expressions as part of the development process of Mathematica. That effort gave Wolfram a thorough understanding of the difficult issues involved in fully integrating presentation and evaluation within a single environment.

Formulas written using the MathML standard are automatically recognized by Mathematica and converted into interactive, evaluatable, typeset expressions.

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