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Semantic-Faithful Typesetting (SFT)

Semantic-faithful typesetting (SFT) combines the elegance of traditional mathematical typography with the precision of a computer language. SFT is unique to Mathematica and its capabilities are immediately apparent: expressions input in a fully typeset form can be evaluated, evaluations are automatically typeset--and can then subsequently be edited, re-evaluated, exported, and so forth.

Delivering SFT is nontrivial (it required seven years of Wolfram Research development) because some mathematical notation is ambiguous, there are many cases where one mathematical meaning has multiple representations, and because of the complexity of working with expressions from a standard keyboard. Other difficult issues include line-breaking, subexpression selection and evaluation, and heuristic conversion from traditional non-semantic typesetting systems such as TeX.

Interactive, evaluatable, publication-quality typesetting is part of all Wolfram Research products, including Mathematica, Publicon, A New Kind of Science Explorer, and more.

Unlike word processors or non-Mathematica technical systems, semantic-faithful typesetting enables typeset expressions to be input, selected appropriately, edited, and then evaluated directly.

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