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Egor Bogatov

Egor Bogatov

Egor Bogatov is an associate professor of mathematics at Stary Oskol Technological Institute, a branch of the National Research University MISIS. He began using Mathematica in 1997, as a graduate student in the Department of Mathematical Analysis at Voronezh State University. For several years he taught a course called Basics of Mathematica for students majoring in applied mathematics at Stary Oskol Technological Institute. Later he taught a course called Mathematical Modeling, where students implemented projects in Mathematica. Since 2012 he has collaborated with Softline Group as a freelance trainer and Mathematica specialist. He has prepared two 32-hour training programs for conducting Mathematica seminars. In June 2013 he also held a seminar for specialists in financial analysis.

In early 2012, Bogatov drafted a proposal for the modernization of the education system in the Russian Federation. His proposal is based on the example of the Russian Belgorod region with integration of a multimedia intellectual knowledge base of computer algorithms and Wolfram|Alpha. He has shared his experience with Mathematica in education with specialists from technical universities at Russian conferences.


Stary Oskol Technological Institute, MISIS, Russian Federation


Masters Degree in Mathematics, Voronezh State University
Doctoral candidate in Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Voronezh State University


Russian, English


Mathematical modeling, differential equations, financial mathematics, financial applications, Wolfram|Alpha for students, sports, literature