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Alexei Boulbitch

Alexei Boulbitch

Alexei Boulbitch started using Mathematica with Version 3 and began to apply Mathematica on an everyday basis, with a special emphasis and interest in performing analytic calculations. During the last decade, all his analytical calculations have been performed using Mathematica.

Boulbitch obtained his PhD in 1988 from Southern Federal University of Russia (the former Rostov State University) and his habilitation degree in theoretical biophysics in 2001 from the Technical University of Munich. His area of expertise covers phase transitions, fracture of solids, physics of liquid crystals, biomembranes, biopolymers, bacteria, cells, and sensors. In these domains, he has numerous publications and several patents. Boulbitch works at the sensor manufacturing company IEE S.A. and gives lectures on soft matter physics at the University of Luxembourg.


IEE S.A. Luxembourg


PhD in Theoretical Solid State Physics, Southern Federal University of Russia; Habilitation in Theoretical Biophysics, Technical University of Munich


English, Russian, German