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Matthew Fairtlough

Matthew Fairtlough

Matthew Fairtlough is a freelance systems design consultant, researcher, and teacher. He works as a lecturer in mathematics at South Devon College, as an associate lecturer in mathematics with the Open University, and as the director of Fairflow Systems Design Ltd. He has worked with Mathematica for more than 10 years. He spent two years researching formal systems design and computer-assisted formal reasoning at the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science at Edinburgh University and 12 years as a lecturer in Theoretical Computer Science at the University of Sheffield, where he co-developed the theory and applications of Lax Logic with Michael Mendler.

Matthew finds Mathematica to be an essential platform for rapid and accurate development of interactive tools: to support the teaching of pure and applied mathematics, to investigate language extensions such as monad comprehensions within the Wolfram Language itself, to implement a full executable specification of Milner’s value-passing CCS using arbitrary Wolfram Language expressions as values, to automatically assess statistics coursework, to interchange financial data between .html and .qif formats, to design annular plantations using the golden ratio, or to solve Sudoku puzzles. He has developed dynamic CDF documents for teaching algorithmic graph theory to undergraduates at the University of Portsmouth and uses CDF to show staff at the Open University how to bring dynamic content and interaction into their online tutorials.


Fairflow Systems Design Ltd, United Kingdom


BSc in Mathematics and PhD in Pure Mathematics, University of Leeds, UK


English, French, German


The computing of mathematics and the mathematics of computing, software-enhanced teaching, digital systems design and specification, practical permaculture