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Mikael Forsgren

Mikael Forsgren

Mikael Forsgren joined Wolfram in 2012. He has a special interest in the areas of mathematical modeling and simulation, systems biology, systems pharmacology, medical imaging and diagnosis. Mikael is currently working as a SystemModeler applications engineer.

Mikael is an author of SystemModeler training courses and teaches workshops, classes and custom training sessions. At Linköping University, he has taught undergraduate project courses, supervised bachelor’s and master’s degree students and chaired scientific workshops. Mikael has also authored several peer-reviewed journal articles and has given numerous presentations at international conferences in the fields of magnetic resonance imaging and systems biology.


Wolfram MathCore, Linköping, Sweden


MSc in Engineering Biotechnology (Systems Biology and Mathematical Modeling), Linköping University, Sweden
PhD in Medical Sciences (MR Physics and Systems Biology), Linköping University, Sweden


Swedish, English, some German


Hiking, board games, nature, science, cooking