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Baosheng Liu

Baosheng Liu

Baosheng Liu joined Simpleware in 2009 as a technical engineer. He is primarily responsible for Mathematica pre-sale consultation, product demonstration, installation, training, and phone support to Chinese academic users. He also provides technical marketing support at Simpleware for Mathematica.

Baosheng Liu is actively involved with Wolfram events, seminars, presentations, and trainings in China, such as the 10th International Mathematica Symposium in 2010. He was an early user of Wolfram products, including Mathematica and Wolfram SystemModeler (previously MathModelica). He was involved in the Chinese localization of Mathematica 6 help files.


Beijing Simpleware Technology Company Ltd.


Bachelor of Engineering, North University of China


Chinese, English


Billiards, badminton, Chinese chess