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Maxim Sakharov

Maxim Sakharov

Maxim Sakharov became a user of Mathematica in 2008, while studying at Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Bauman MSTU). He used Mathematica for investigating different methods of numerical integration of stiff systems of differential equations, as well as precise methods for solving ill-conditioned systems of linear algebraic equations. Sakharov also performed a large amount of work in Mathematica devoted to digital signal processing and mathematical simulation of complex technical systems. Most of his results were published in various academic periodicals and proceedings of Russian conferences.

Sakharov’s PhD thesis work is based on the development of memetic optimization software for grid systems. He also gives lectures on numerical optimization techniques at Bauman MSTU.


Bauman MSTU, Russian Federation


PhD student, Bauman MSTU


Russian, English, Italian


Numerical methods, application programming and design, mathematical optimization, history of science, history of mechanisms and machines, digital signal processing, quantum physics