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Reflections on Teaching Computational Physics and Mathematics

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Jan Brugård
Aplicação do Wolfram SystemModeler na indústria para elaborar sistemas de controle avançados pelo Dr. Alexandre Leite da Austral Dynamics
Keiko Hirayama and Jason Martinez
Through Wolfram|Alpha, the Wolfram Language provides a wealth of computational tools for improving and maintaining health and fitness. Using Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition, we will show the breadth of information on physical and weight training activities and how to compute calorie expenditure tailored for gender, age and other physical characteristics. We will also review formula support for weight-loss metrics and nutrition ...
George Woodrow III
Tom Wickham-Jones
In this talk, Tom Wickham-Jones describes ways that the Wolfram Compiler generates performant code, as well as some future directions. He shows applications for multi-core as well as grid computing. ...
Abby Brown, Emily Zhang, Shannon Brownlee
Abby Brown, Eric Nelson & Students
Stephen Wolfram
Stephen Wolfram opened the Wolfram Technology Conference 2011 by giving attendees an exclusive first look at many exciting projects under development at Wolfram. This video features highlights from his opening address.
Cesar Loli
Bernat Espigule
New Learning Journeys created exclusively for the History of Mathematics Project (www.history-of-mathematics.org) connect and explore mathematical ideas across cultures and time. These journeys also help clarify meanings to ...
Kun Li
Compared with traditional market makers, high-frequency trading has a larger impact on low-frequency liquidity and order-execution quality. This talk examines how high-frequency trading affects low-frequency trading.
Ed Pegg
In a sparse ruler, such as {0, 1, 6, 9, 11, 13}, all the distances can still be measured even though many marks are missing. The speaker has proven, by construction, that sparse rulers of any ...
Piero Sanchez
We have been integrating the Wolfram Language with multiple blockchains in recent years, but now we are expanding the capabilities for our users to create their own connections to other ...
Lambert Chao & Caleb Markley
Jay Alan Jackson
Lowri Nia Knibbs Vaughan
Jesse Galef
Sometimes machine learning algorithms fail in blatant and bewildering ways—like crashing a simulated plane into the runway as hard as it can—and we want to know why it ...
Jesse Galef
As machine learning tools become more powerful, the importance of interpreting them is more important than ever. Some machine learning failures are obvious—like a system learning to drive exclusively ...
Milad Pourrahmani
Robert Nachbar
Robert Nachbar explains how Mathematica and C were used to develop a hybrid deterministic-stochastic simulation engine based on differential equations and the chemical master equation. He highlights some interesting aspects ...