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Opening Day 1

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John Fultz
Conrad Wolfram
MEng. Daniel Carvalho, Wolfram Research
MEng. Daniel Carvalho, Wolfram Research
Stephen Wolfram
2019 annual Wolfram Technology Conference
Stephen Wolfram
Part one of Stephen Wolfram's opening keynote to the annual 2017 Wolfram Technology Conference.
Stephen Wolfram
Stephen Wolfram
Part two of Stephen Wolfram's opening keynote to the annual 2017 Wolfram Technology Conference.
Stephen Wolfram
Juan Arturo-Silva-Ordaz
Grzegorz Korpala
Rob Knapp
This presentation by Rob Knapp focuses on optimization functionality in the Wolfram Language. Examples are shown to highlight recent progress in convex optimization, including support for complex variables, robust optimization ...
Richard Carbone
Mathematica, and by extension the Wolfram Language, provide an incredible array of capabilities that can be brought to bear on complex computer-/digital forensics–related problems. Through the systematic application of Mathematica/Wolfram Language functionality and, where appropriate, leveraging external systems (i.e., code compilation, external programs) and lower-level system/operating system optimizations, it is possible to write large and complex user-driven GUI applications (>40K lines of code) that remain responsive. Some of the forensic applications written over the years are toy prototypes while others are complete forensic analysis frameworks that have been used in solving real-world cyber and forensic challenges. Several smaller completed application examples will be briefly looked at while presenting important optimization concepts and techniques. Where possible, actual program code snippets where optimizations played an important role will be presented. The presentation will start with a general overview ...
Scott Kiskaddon
This talk presents algorithms for ordering trades between players with initial endowments in the descending value serial dictatorship game and for solving the housing market problem with non-strict preferences, allowing ...
Mark Sofroniou
In this talk, Mark Sofroniou gives an introductory overview of the design and current state of the Wolfram Compiler. He outlines the benefits of using an intermediary representation that maps to LLVM and describes how this has influenced recent improvements to the implementation. Examples are used to show how ...
Ralph Blanes & Sarthak Srinivas
A student hackathon project presentation featuring modules for music improvisation and artificial intelligence.
Conrad Wolfram
Learn how Wolfram technologies are playing a major role in math and programming education reform worldwide—including curriculum development, Computer-Based Math™, Wolfram Programming Lab, and more.
Etienne Bernard
Robert Knapp
This talk will be an introduction to and summary of many of the numerical computation capabilities built into Mathematica, including arbitrary precision arithmetic, numerical linear algebra, optimization, integration, and differential ...
Mark Sofroniou