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Beyond the Black Hole
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Brenton Bostick
Instrumentation` is a new CodeTools package that automates instrumentation of Wolfram Languagecode for common software engineering tasks such as profiling and code coverage reporting. This talk will show how to ...
周通 (武汉大学机械工程在读博士)
折纸是一项古老的东方艺术,现代折纸工程学在航空航天、医疗器械等尖端领域有着广泛应用前景。但是由于运动学仿真工具的缺失,具备多自由度的折纸机构的运动学分析仍具备一定难度。Wolfram 语言提供了一种搭建基于机构构型空间搜索的多自由度机构运动学模型计算框架,在这个框架中集成了 Wolfram 语言的内置数学函数、优化求解器等标准数学工具;同时,Wolfram 语言便捷的可视化函数也能直观地展示折纸机构在构型空间中运动路径的迭代搜索过程。本次报告将以 Miura 折纸机构为例,详细说明如何搭建折纸机构运动学仿真框架。
Glen Halley
Understanding the behavior of alternative energy sources when integrated into electrical utility networks is challenging. In this talk, we present OpenIPSL, a library of electrical grid modeling components, built using ...
张晓凡 (Wolfram|Alpha 开发)
本次演讲将介绍在 Wolfram 语言中,平面几何的符号表达形式,展示 GeometricScene 及 RandomInstance 的最新功能及应用实例,简述在 Wolfram Function Repository 中使用交互界面构建 GeometricScene 的功能 GeometricSceneConstructor,以及介绍 Computable Euclid 网站的最新进展。
Charles Macal
In this talk, we describe two complementary Mathematica epidemiological simulation modeling approaches to forecast city-scale COVID-19 spread: an agent-based model and a system dynamics model. Used together, this hybrid system ...
王衍伟博士 (纳扎尔巴耶夫大学工程与数字科学学院副教授)
本次报告以本人近十年来的部分科研工作和教学实践为例,讲述 Wolfram Mathematica 软件如何帮助报告人解决具体科研问题,传播科研成果,以及提升教学效果。在教学方面,报告内容以报告人近年来讲授的两门工程领域基础课程("工程数学"和"流体力学")为例展开,同时分享我和学生共同编写的《利用 Wolfram Mathematica 学习常微分方程和线性代数:实验讲义》。在科研方面,报告内容以报告人在高分子物理和复杂流体的流变与泵送行为两个领域的具体科研工作为例展开,讲述 3~4 个具体科研问题以及回答为什么 Wolfram Mathematica 软件是帮助我们解决这些问题最好的工具。
Riccardo Di Virgilio
Come to a hands-on session with the developers of the ExternalEvaluate framework. Bring your questions, suggestions, ideas and problems while working with external languages. Don't have a specific question? Then ...
Jack In-Jay Houng (JHM 洪英傑媒体研究室创始人)
如何在程序上为任何给定名称在圆圈上生成文本。透过此题目来探讨 Wolfram 语言与 Wolfram 笔记本如何帮助运算题目的思维。
Colleen Marciel Rosales
This talk details the correlative analysis of elemental concentration in particulate matter (PM2.5) acquired using two different chemical instruments. We focus first on data organization using the Dataset functionality. Then ...
李书衡 (圣路易斯华盛顿大学,数学专业)
分享 Wolfram 第 20 届夏校 Science & Tech track 的体验以及项目成果。包括 Game of Life 在环面、双环面、克莱因瓶、莫比乌斯环,以及影射平面上演化的分析。
Ricardo Martinez-Lagunes
Integrated Water Resources Management requires the analysis of information from multiple sources. Data must be visualized for different audiences.
Mike Grigola
CB&I uses Mathematica to design and build industrial storage facilities, tanks and terminals. They created NotebookInterface to help users enter and validate hundreds of precise inputs required and to ...
Tom Wickham-Jones
The Wolfram Compiler converts Wolfram Language code into native machine instructions that run directly on the machine hardware. It offers a powerful way to speed up programs and provides many ...
Shadi Ashnai
In this talk I will show the state of the Video object in the Wolfram Language as well as all the computational power developed around it in order to create, ...
Carlo Giacometti, Rebecca Frederick
Colin Chapman
This talk defines the Extreme Citizen Science learning posture and applies it to the development of a Polarimeter from scratch using an Arduino microcontroller and the ModelPlug library in Wolfram ...
Tom Wickham-Jones
The Wolfram Compiler is one of the largest applications built from the Wolfram Language. This talk will review the software engineering practices used to build the Wolfram Compiler, ensure it ...
Markus van Almsick
Tom Wickham-Jones
The Wolfram Data Structure library offers performant implementation of many traditional data structures. It is implemented with the Wolfram Compiler. This talk will review the current data structures and show how they can be used to improve your code. It will also show ...
Aditya Pabbaraju, Nick Zitzmann
Wolfram|Alpha on mobile devices has changed this year. In this presentation, we will talk about everything that is new with Wolfram|Alpha for iOS and everything that is to ...