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A Wolfram Language Case in Retail

The Wolfram Language is a powerful problem‐solving toolbox for business. This talk shows how it can be used for sales forecasts, automated reports, financial outlier alerts, category management analysis, competitor price webscraping, geomarketing, and planogram designing, as well as a natural‐language‐processing search tool using webMathematica.

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Jon McLoone
Todd Gayley
Lambert Chao & Piotr Wendykier
Luc Barthelet
In this talk from the Wolfram Technology Conference, Luc Barthelet gives an introduction to Mathematica's dynamic interactivity capabilities by showing a step-by-step implementation of the 1979 game Space Invaders in Mathematica.
Luc Barthelet
Luc Barthelet shows an example of how to solve a Rubik's Cube from pictures to introduce some of the computation and image processing capabilities of Mathematica in this talk from ...
Jan Brugrd
Jan Brugrd uses a series of examples to introduce Wolfram SystemModeler, the most complete physical modeling and simulation tool, in this presentation from the Wolfram Technology Conference.
Radim Kusak
In this Wolfram Technology Conference presentation, Radim Kusak shares his experiences in creating the course, Introduction to Wolfram Mathematica for Teachers, for his colleagues at Charles University in Prague.
Noriko Yasui, Wolfram Research
Éva V.P. Rácz
Robert Raguet-Schofield
This talk explores running the Wolfram Language and Wolfram Language–generated content on iOS devices and the different options available to do it.
Julius Hannink
Klaus Sutner
Klaus Sutner explains his work on iterating binary inverse transducers in this presentation from the Wolfram Technology Conference.
Seth Chandler
In this Wolfram Technology Conference presentation, Seth Chandler explores the practicalities of using J/Link to establish Mathematica as a communications hub among code developed in Clojure, Scala, and Jython.
Thomas Carpenter & Daniel Reynolds
Participação espeicial (keynote) sobre Wolfram Cloud e utilização em educação e compartilhamento de projetos por Kevin Micho da Wolfram Research
Jan Brugård
Oliver Rübenkönig
Tom Wickham-Jones
Min Hsuan Peng
Práticas de ensino de matemática na engenharia com a tecnologia Wolfram pelo Dr. Márcio Antonio de Faria Rosa DA Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP)