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Analyzing Flight Simulator Data with the Wolfram Language

Microsoft Flight Simulator™ has been with us since the early '80s. We will show how the Wolfram Language can be used to pull simulation data from this fabulous game and how we can explore this wonderful virtual world using the powerful functions available in Mathematica.

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MEng. Daniel Carvalho, Wolfram Research
CEO Jan Brugård, Wolfram MathCore - Wolfram Research
Dr. Flavio Gonzaga, Universidade Federal de Alfenas (UNIFAL)
Dr. Kovács Zoltán, GeoGebra - Johannes Kepler Universität Linz (JKU Áustria)
Bs. Claudio Chaib, Wolfram Research
MEng. Daniel Carvalho, Wolfram Research
Dr. Daniel Sander Hoffmann, Universidade Estadual do Rio Grande do Sul/Guaíba (UERGS)
Davi C. Rodrigues, Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo (UFES)
Dr. Anderson Gaudio, Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo (UFES)
MEng. Daniel Carvalho, Wolfram Research
Ricardo Lagunes-Martínez es consultor internacional para organizaciones como el Banco Mundial y el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo. Fue Gerente de Planificación Hídrica en la Comisión Nacional del Agua (Conagua), donde fue responsable de la integración del Programa Nacional Hídrico. En la ONU fue responsable de la implementación del Sistema de Cuentas Ambientales y Económicas ...
Stephen Wolfram
Peter Riley
Wolfram and other image classifier deep neural networks (DNNs) were adapted to differentiate COVID-19 from normal and other viral pneumonia chest x-rays, giving up to 100% accuracy on 3x 1,200 training images. ...
Alison Ord
We continue the search for the mathematics most supportive of prediction within geology. We explore mineralizing systems and find giant ore deposits. We search for black swans and dragon kings and find generalized gamma and extreme value distributions. Power-law and log-normal distributions are commonly, but not always, poor fits to the data. We compare gold distribution with alteration mineral abundance and find a predictable link that may be described in nonlinear mathematics. Such work is to be encouraged because we desperately need better science for data distributions where the outliers are the important money makers. We discuss the physical foundations (self-similar fragmentation and competitive growth processes) for grain-size distributions together with the implications for rheological and hydrological behavior. Also included is a discussion of the relation between grain-size distribution, processes ...
Conrad Wolfram, Alec Titterton, Abrita Chakravarty and Jamie Peterson
In a new direction for Wolfram, we are offering certifications to prove proficiency for many differing facets of computation. Early examples range from multiparadigm data science to computational thinking to Wolfram Language--modern computational approaches that are not well represented in traditional qualifications. In this talk, Conrad Wolfram will describe the initiative, why Wolfram has decided to embark on it and how everyone in the ...
Tom Wickham-Jones
The Wolfram Compiler is a long-term project for the compilation of Wolfram Language programs. It converts Wolfram Language into native machine code and provides a faster execution path as well ...
Jan Brugard
In this presentation, the key features for System Modeler 12.3, as well as the upcoming release, will be presented. Furthermore, we will show how System Modeler models can be run and ...
Dr. Anil Bheemaiah
This paper describes complexity theory of neural networks, defined by tensor decompositions, with a review of simplification of the tensor decomposition for simpler neural network architectures. The concept of Z-completeness for a network N is defined in the existence of a tensor decomposition ...
Jan Poeschko
After a general introduction to the Wolfram Cloud, we'll talk about what's new in the world of cloud notebooks and beyond. Some of the highlights are TeX input, video support and rendering of external notebooks from a URL or notebook expression. New core functionality includes system modeling ...
Diego Zviovich
Microsoft Flight Simulator™ has been with us since the early '80s. We will show how the Wolfram Language can be used to pull simulation data from this fabulous game ...