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Mathematica Online General Overview

Mathematica Online provides a browser-based environment to access notebooks with no installation or plugin, making it a nice complement to a local installation of Mathematica and allowing the user to access it from any internet-enabled device (laptop, Chromebook, iPad, etc.). Especially in today's world of online or hybrid courses and remote work, having access to and knowledge of how to utilize Mathematica Online along with Mathematica Desktop is instrumental so work is not slowed or stopped by lack of access. This talk features Cliff Hastings and Kelvin Mischo, coauthors of the Hands-on Start to Mathematica and Programming with the Wolfram Language book, who illustrate the basics of creating a notebook with calculations in Mathematica Online, as well as how to share notebooks and finished projects between Desktop and Online in a variety of formats with colleagues who may or may not use Wolfram technology.

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