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Computable Document Format (CDF) is a legacy document type.
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The CDF InfoKit provides in-depth information about the Computable Document Format (CDF) alongside use cases and ways to adopt it. Examples are all CDFs. Download a free trial of Mathematica or the free Wolfram CDF Player to explore them.

Download Examples

Consulting Reports
(.cdf file, 336 KB)
Investment Statements
(.cdf file, 108 KB)
Management Presentations
(.cdf file, 2.8 MB)
Automated Reports
(.cdf file, 188 KB)
Infographics and Blogs
(.cdf file, 2 MB)
Textbook Publishing
(.cdf file, 762 KB)
Journal Publishing
(.cdf file, 1 MB)
Interactive Knowledge Apps
(.cdf file, 282 KB)
Applications & Deployment
(.cdf file, 2.67 MB)
Download All Examples
(.zip file, 6.6 MB)

Open InfoKit CDFs with Mathematica to view the language and structure behind each example.

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Working with CDF

Learn how easy it is to create CDFs, as well as how leading interactive-learning companies are already using CDF technology.

Adopting the Computable Document Format (CDF)
White paper: Information on how to author and deploy CDFs, supported platforms and licensing options. (.cdf file, 1 MB)
Making Documents Interactive with CDF
Video: See how easy it is to create CDFs in Mathematica.
Courseware of the Future—Today: Developing Interactive Textbooks with CDF
Video case study: Pearson's Calculus, by Briggs and Cochran, pioneers CDF in textbooks.
Announcing the Computable Document Format (CDF): Bringing Documents to Life with the Power of Computation
Video: Watch Conrad Wolfram's announcement of the Computable Document Format.

Other Examples of CDF in Use

Wolfram is already using tens of thousands of CDF files, including:

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