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For three decades, Mathematica has been a key tool in the world's top R&D organizations—and Wolfram Research has emerged as one of the world's most innovative technology companies. Now combining the strengths of Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha—and powered by the revolutionary new Wolfram Language—Wolfram Discovery Platform defines a new level of innovation capability for any R&D organization.

With today's top R&D innovations routinely requiring methods and knowledge from diverse disciplines, Wolfram Discovery Platform's immense breadth and uniquely coherent design make it a must-have for modern R&D. With its power, automation, interactivity and ease of use, the system qualitatively changes the economics of what-if explorations and the dynamics of discovery.

Wolfram Discovery Platform is built to encapsulate the highly successful R&D workflows developed over the course of decades by Stephen Wolfram and Wolfram Research. Making central use of Wolfram Notebooks, Wolfram Discovery Platform enables all phases of R&D and links to Wolfram's powerful systems for production deployment.

Ideal For

  • Corporate R&D Organizations
  • Large-Scale Multi-collaborator Projects
  • Government & University Labs
  • Data-Intensive Investigations
  • Exploratory Research
  • Presentation & Outreach

The Power of the Wolfram Language

Apply a Full Spectrum of Algorithmic Methods

With the Wolfram Language, you have access to state-of-the-art algorithmic methods across all areas—all coherently designed so they fit perfectly together.

Access the Full Wolfram Knowledgebase

Wolfram Discovery Platform provides full access to the deep Wolfram Knowledgebase that covers thousands of domains and is used in Wolfram|Alpha.

Organizing Your R&D Process

Spectacularly Rapid Prototyping

Wolfram Discovery Platform lets you test out your ideas faster than ever before, letting you explore more possibilities and prototype more potential solutions.

Seamless Workgroup Sharing

Use built-in cloud integration to set up documents, data and code that can be seamlessly shared across your workgroup or beyond—with detailed programmatic access logging and control if you need it.

Rich Computational Lab Notebooks

Wolfram Notebooks provide a uniquely powerful way to create and organize your computational lab notebooks, instantly including data and analysis, together with time-stamping and other utilities.

Data From Anywhere—Including Devices

The Wolfram Language has rich mechanisms for importing data and making it computable—as well as a framework for acquiring data from connected devices, either directly or through APIs.

Maintain Consistently Runnable Algorithms

With its precursors in Mathematica, the Wolfram Language has a three-decade history of code compatibility—so together with integrated documentation in notebooks, you can expect to maintain your code indefinitely.

Your Own Private Cloud

If you need it, your organization can get a completely private copy of the Wolfram technology stack, so you can maintain full confidentiality to everything you do with Wolfram Discovery Platform.

All the Way From Concept to Deployment

With its full integration in the whole Wolfram technology stack, Wolfram Discovery Platform lets you go all the way from concept to full-scale deployment in the cloud or in the enterprise.

Communicate with Interactive Documents

Use interactive notebooks powered by the Wolfram Language to present your work—with publication-quality formatting, impactful visualizations and in-document computation and interfaces.

Used by the World's Top R&D Minds

Wolfram technology has long been used by many of the world's top R&D minds, across many industries—with the result that new techniques will now routinely be implemented in the Wolfram Language first.

Create Modular Symbolic Components

Because the Wolfram Language is symbolic, every fragment of code you write is runnable and interoperable—so you mix and match the blocks you build and share them with your colleagues.

Work on the Desktop, or in the Cloud

You can use Wolfram Discovery Platform either on any standard desktop computer through the powerful Wolfram Desktop interface or with any web browser through the Wolfram Cloud.

Full Support, and Consulting

Wolfram Research offers expert technical support for Wolfram Discovery Platform, as well as hourly project support. Wolfram Solutions provides full-service corporate consulting.