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Wolfram Technology System for K–8 & Primary Schools

Engage your students with compelling interactive visualizations—and get them started early on coding

Originally developed for professionals to use, Wolfram tools are now accessible to children ages 10 and younger. With simple interactive controls, students can engage with compelling visualizations, exploring concepts across the curriculum. Students can also use plain English to pose questions that are automatically answered by Wolfram's computational knowledge systems, without the need for students to access the web.

The breakthrough new Wolfram Language now provides an opportunity for today's students to learn programming at an unprecedentedly young age—quickly being able to create highly visual programs that make use of real-world data and provide a remarkable sense of achievement and empowerment.

The Wolfram Technology System for K–8 & Primary Schools is an all-in-one solution—easy to use, convenient to deploy.

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Special Programs

  • Public Schools
  • School Districts
  • Private Schools
  • Magnet Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • Student Projects
  • Science Fairs
  • Math Competitions
  • Robotics Clubs
  • Maker Spaces
  • Course & Learning Management Systems
  • Education Analytics
  • Accessibility
  • Multilingual Needs
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Classes & Subjects


Use compelling interactive demonstrations to introduce your students to concepts such as color mixing and symmetry—and let them instantly create their own computer-assisted art and design.


Illustrate math with compelling visualizations, and let your students discover math facts by easy computer experimentation—as well as engage students by showing real-world data and math computations.

Social Studies

Give your students instant access to broad and deep facts about geography and culture, all within the safety of Wolfram tools.


Let your students instantly compute nutrition facts or work out exercise effects—as well as visualize principles of optics, genetics, MRI, epidemics, biomechanics, and more.


Show compelling visualizations of scientific phenomena, and reinforce quantitative skills with access to real-world data.

Benefits for the Entire School

For Students

Bring Classroom Concepts to Life

From math and science to social studies and music, the Wolfram Technology System lets students interact with course content in an engaging and game-like format, with interactive controls that show how what happens to graphs, equations, and other calculations as the parameters change.

Adopted by Millions of Users

Used throughout the technical and educational communities, Wolfram technologies give students a jump-start as they enter high school with skills they'll use throughout their academic and professional careers.

For Faculty

Maximize Student Engagement

Wolfram technologies are easy to use and interactive, allowing you to create visualizations on-the-fly during class to keep lessons engaging and hold students' attention.

Get Started Quickly

With natural language understanding, using the Wolfram Technology System is as easy as typing what you want it to do, making it much easier to teach than using calculators. And with close to 10,000 interactive visualizations available for free download, you can start using pre-made examples in your own classes immediately.

For IT Departments

Support for All Types of Devices

Whether you choose to make the Wolfram Technology System available to students via computer labs, classroom carts, tablets, mobile devices, personal laptops, interactive whiteboards, or cloud accounts that eliminate installation and IT administration time altogether, students can share files across a variety of  devices.

Replace Course-Specific Technology

Rather than purchasing specialized software for one teacher or class, Wolfram technologies can be used in a variety of STEM and non-STEM classes, saving your school money.

For Administrators

Save Money, Maximize Access

Unique site licensing is available at subsidized pricing for K–8 schools.

Use Cross-Discipline, Cross-Campus, Systemwide

Teachers across multiple departments and schools can use the Wolfram Technology System to collaborate and share their ideas, refining course content and introducing new approaches that raise education to a whole new level.