Wolfram Technologies @
EDUCAUSE 2019 Chicago, IL
Oct 14–17

The Wolfram Technology System: your campuswide solution for fast, cost-effective computation, unified across all areas and platforms—including Mathematica Online, Wolfram|Alpha and the Wolfram Cloud.


Oct 15–16, All Day | Booth #1556

Attend in-booth demonstrations of the knowledge-based Wolfram Language, Mathematica and other innovative offerings.

Key Benefits

Adopt the Industry Standard

Used heavily in industry and government, Wolfram technologies provide students with important knowledge and skills they'll use later in their careers.

Save Money, Maximize Access

Consolidate individual departmental Wolfram technology purchases with the Wolfram Technology System, a complete solution that saves money and maximizes access.

Seamless Integration Across All Platforms

Save IT time and overhead by eliminating technology that only runs on one type of system. The Wolfram Technology System includes a variety of local installation and cloud-based deployment options that support your diverse IT infrastructure.

Use Cross-Discipline, Cross-Campus, Throughout An Entire System

The Wolfram Technology System provides a cross-discipline solution that inspires innovation, allowing faculty and staff to collaborate across research projects, departments, colleges and campuses.

One Language, Multiple Uses

The Wolfram Technology System combines a set of teaching and research tools unified by the Wolfram Language. This means you'll save time by learning a single language that you can use for both classroom and research projects.

Replace Niche Technology

Rather than purchasing specialized software for each department or type of course, Wolfram technologies can be used in a variety of departments on campus, allowing you to replace niche software packages and save money.


Join us! Wolfram Community is a platform for questions and answers, idea sharing and discussions about all of our technologies—including Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha and all the rest!

Learn From Our Experts

Wolfram U offers quick-start and in-depth courses on demand as well as scheduled live courses about Wolfram technologies, mathematics, data science and other computational topics. Or you can learn at your own pace with one of our acclaimed books.

Computational Notebook Archive

Openly access and interact with articles, books, essays, posts, educational materials and student projects created by and for the Wolfram Notebook user community, or submit your own work for permanent inclusion in the archive.

Wolfram Demonstrations Project

The Wolfram Demonstrations Project is an open-code resource that uses dynamic computation to illuminate concepts in science, technology, mathematics, art, finance and a remarkable range of other fields.

Computational Thinking Initiatives

Our mission is to swiftly empower a broad spectrum of today's youth to become leading-edge computational thinkers for a better understanding of the physical, social, intellectual and cultural worlds they inhabit.

Site license discounts are available.

Contact us at sales@wolfram.com and let us work with you to find the right solution for your computational needs.