Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

October 28–31, 2019

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Wolfram Technology Conference 2019, Champaign, IL (Home of Wolfram's Headquarters)


Make the most of your trip! Wolfram offers optional training workshops in conjunction with our annual Technology Conference so you can learn something new or polish your skill set. Hosted by Wolfram experts, these training sessions can get you up and running more quickly than ever before. Remember, if you're a current Premier Service, Premier Service Plus, Personal License Service or Personal License Service Plus member, you'll save an additional 15% off these already discounted rates.

Note: you must bring your own laptop for these training sessions.
Training sessions are offered on October 28 at these times: 9am–noon, 1–4pm and 2–4pm.

Introduction to Machine Learning

October 28, 9am–noon

$175 Standard | $125 Discounted

This course introduces the easy-to-use machine learning superfunctions available in the Wolfram Language. You will learn how to perform supervised and unsupervised learning tasks with just a few lines of code. We will start with regression, classification, clustering and anomaly detection, and, from there, we'll move on to the state-of-the-art neural network framework. Examples using the Wolfram Neural Net Repository are shown with instructions for building your own neural networks from scratch. Basic familiarity with the Wolfram Language is recommended.

Programming and Development in the Wolfram Language

October 28, 9am–noon

$175 Standard | $125 Discounted

Learn the skills, knowledge and tools to develop your own project with the Wolfram Language. Start with fundamental programming concepts, including iterations, nesting, pattern matching and function definitions. Then move on to more advanced techniques for package development and deployment. Along the way learn tips and tricks for good programming practices, debugging and writing efficient code in the Wolfram Language.

Applications of Neural Networks

October 28, 1–4pm

$175 Standard | $125 Discounted

Attend a hands-on workshop to learn how you can use the Wolfram Neural Net Framework to construct, modify, train and apply neural nets to common machine learning tasks. Start by building simple models from scratch, and then use the pre-built state-of-the-art models found in the Wolfram Neural Net Repository to tailor them to your applications. Examples will include applications of neural nets to images, natural language processing and more.

Building Applications with the Wolfram Cloud

October 28, 1–4pm

$175 Standard | $125 Discounted

This workshop is run by Wolfram Cloud developers and shows how to design and build applications that use the Wolfram Cloud entirely or as part of a system. You'll learn the web programmer's model in the Wolfram Language, starting with the basics of the cloud object system, and the differences between public and private clouds when building applications. We'll also show you how to use cloud notebooks to build entire web applications and how to integrate them into other pages.

Computational X-plorations

October 28, 2–4pm

Registration via Wolfram U

Join us for this free introductory course to learn how you can interactively explore nearly any field using computation. Find out how you can apply computational thinking—a modern blend of critical analysis and information processing—to a range of disciplines not traditionally associated with coding. From nutrition to journalism and beyond, you'll learn practical ways to use knowledge-based programming in your classroom, research group or company. This class introduces innovative methods for discovering ideas and insights using the computational intelligence of the Wolfram Language, the user-friendly coding environment of Wolfram Notebooks and the curated real-world knowledge of the Wolfram Knowledgebase.