Wolfram Mathematica Virtual Conference 2011—September 26 and September 27


Stephen Wolfram on the Background and Vision of Mathematica »

with Stephen Wolfram

Wolfram founder Stephen Wolfram shares the background and vision of Mathematica, including the personal story of how it came to be and why it's in the right place to make profoundly powerful new things possible.

Analyze, Visualize, Simulate: Mathematica for University Research »

with Michael Morrison

Accelerate your research cycle with Mathematica. Learn why Mathematica is used in academia around the world as the ultimate research environment with a look at its high-level and multiparadigm programming language, support for parallel computing and GPU architectures, built-in functionality for specialized application areas, and multiple publishing and deployment options for sharing your work.

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The Equation for Classroom Success: Mathematica for Teaching and Student Use »

with Cliff Hastings

Learn how to improve your classroom experience with Mathematica. This presentation gives a tour of functionality relevant to teaching and learning, along with case studies and best-practice suggestions for course integration. Topics include making your classroom dynamic with interactive models and a survey of computation and visualization capabilities useful for teaching practically any subject at any level.

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Calculators Are for Calculating; Mathematica Is for Calculus »

with Andy Dorsett

Mathematica is the perfect tool to help calculus professors and instructors overcome limitations with traditional approaches to teaching calculus. Students can experience a more enriching calculus, rather than the algorithm-driven method they are used to seeing. We'll look at different ways Mathematica can be used to enhance your calculus class, such as using interactive models to engage students and connecting calculus to the real world with built-in datasets. Topics include the squeeze theorem, derivative tests, revolving solids about axes, and more.

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Mathematica for Engineering Education »

with Kelvin Mischo

This presentation gives educators who are unfamiliar with Mathematica an overall picture of how it can benefit an engineering curriculum at all levels. A student's ability to conceptualize mathematics and computation is critical to understanding engineering principles, and this seminar will show engineering-specific examples of modeling, simulation, visualization, document creation, and how Mathematica can be used throughout the workflow of engineering courses in one unified environment.

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Mobile Computing in the Classroom »

with Crystal Fantry

Imagine the power of Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha on a mobile device; these tools are allowing for a more fun and dynamic classroom. Explore the various ways mobile devices can enhance learning in math, science, and even music classrooms. Through a variety of examples, you will see the benefits of mobile computing technology in your class.

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