Wolfram Mathematica Virtual Conference 2011—September 26 and September 27


The Wolfram Mathematica Virtual Conference was run in two different sessions on September 26 and 27, 2011.

Monday, September 26Tuesday, September 27
   Discover Mathematica What's New in Mathematica Applying Mathematica in Industry & Research Applying Mathematica in Education Developing on the Mathematica Platform

Stephen Wolfram on the Background and Vision of Mathematica
Stephen Wolfram


A Speed Date with Mathematica
Jon McLoone

GPU Computation within Mathematica Using CUDA and OpenCL
Dylan Roeh

Creating Rich Visualizations to Explore Your Data
Brett Champion

Analyze, Visualize, Simulate: Mathematica for University Research
Michael Morrison

Developing Enterprise-Class Web Applications
Yu-Sung Chang


Build an App in 60 Seconds
Chris Carlson

Integrated Control Systems Design
Bob Sandheinrich

Deep Dive into Mathematica's Numerics: Applications and Tips
Andrew Moylan

The Equation for Classroom Success: Mathematica for Teaching and Student Use
Cliff Hastings

Authoring and Deploying Content in the New Computable Document Format
Jon McLoone


Lights, Camera, Graphics!
Yu-Sung Chang

Wolfram|Alpha in Mathematica: Combining Knowledge, Computation, and Natural Language
Vitaliy Kaurov

How to Think Financially with Mathematica
Michael Kelly

Calculators Are for Calculating; Mathematica Is for Calculus
Andy Dorsett

Introduction to Functional Programming
Adam Berry


Hybrid Computing: Perfecting Numerics with Symbolics
Andrew Moylan

More Statistical Distributions than Any Other System
Roger Germundsson

Developing Solutions for Real-World Image Processing
Timothy Kirchner

Mathematica for Engineering Education
Kelvin Mischo

Augment Mathematica: Creating Applications and Extensions
Adam Berry


292 Formats and Counting: Importing and Exporting Data
Paul Wellin

Graphs and Networks: Modeling and Analysis
Charles Pooh

MathModelica: Model, Simulate, Analyze!
Jan Brugård

Mobile Computing in the Classroom
Crystal Fantry

Test-Driven Development with Mathematica
Adam Berry