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Mathematica for Students

Mathematica is ideal for students enrolled in a variety of courses, such as math, science, engineering, and more. Hundreds of thousands of students rely on Mathematica every day to finish homework faster, thoroughly understand concepts, and present work professionally.

Desktop Only

Get Mathematica for the desktop, to use for as long as you're a student.
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Time-Limited Licenses

For specific classes or projects

Desktop Only
Use Mathematica for the desktop for specific classes or academic research projects while enrolled as a student.
Semester (6 months)
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Annual (12 months)
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Common Questions
Am I eligible for the student discount?
The student discount is available to part-time or full-time primary and secondary students and students working toward an associate's, bachelor's, master's, doctoral, or equivalent degree at an accredited educational institution or approved homeschool location. It's also available to part-time, non-degree-seeking students if required for a class.
How do I prove my student status?
Provide the URL of your institution's public web page or directory showing that you're a current student, or attach a scanned copy of your dated student ID, registration receipt, class schedule, or state-issued homeschool program registration.
You'll be able to do this when you purchase your product, or you can send the information later via email.
How long can I use Mathematica Student Edition?
You can continue using Mathematica Student Edition on your personal computer for as long as you are a student and still considered eligible.
Can I continue using Mathematica Student Edition after I graduate?
You'll have the option to convert to the latest professional version to continue using Mathematica after graduation. In fact, we offer a significant discount to students transitioning from personal to professional use. Contact us for details.
What's included with Premier Service?
Premier Service includes upgrades to the latest version of Mathematica, personal technical support by email, home-use licensing, and more. By upgrading to Premier Service Plus, you'll also get one year of Mathematica Online for online and mobile access.
Can I access Mathematica Online on my mobile phone/tablet?
Mathematica Online can be accessed from any web browser, including on mobile devices. You can also view, edit, and interact with notebooks on a mobile device with the Wolfram Cloud mobile app.
More questions?
If you can't find your answer here, take a look at our support FAQ or contact us. You can also read our terms of use, privacy policies, and license agreements.
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