Atlas 2 for Mathematica
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Atlas 2 for Mathematica

Modern Differential Geometry

Atlas 2 for Mathematica—Modern Differential Geometry Mathematica 10 compatible Atlas 2 for Mathematica is a powerful application for performing differential geometry calculations, from formulating and solving 2D and 3D problems to working with an n-dimensional manifold as a whole. Atlas 2 allows you to concentrate on the differential geometry problems and not on the programming. Atlas 2 uses standard differential geometry notations, which allow you to always get output as you expected.

  • All calculations are as coordinate-free as possible—in the Atlas 2 package, all calculations are performed in terms of tensors, vectors, and p-forms (not their components!).
  • Single solving path for almost any problem—with the Atlas 2 package, you always have one solving path for almost any of your differential geometry problems.
  • Almost any differential geometry entity can be indexed—in the Atlas 2 package, any object (constant, tensor, p-form, manifold, and more) can be indexed.
  • Visualization of multidimensional differential geometry objects—visualize everything from coordinate systems to surfaces and even more, no matter which dimension it has.
  • Atlas Palette—allows you to visualize differential geometry objects, manipulate its parameters, generate Atlas 2 code, and much more...
  • Atlas 2D/3D Wizard—powerful GUI add-on for Atlas 2 package code generation.

Atlas 2 gives access to the Differential Geometry Library of over 550 objects for differential geometry and its applications. Access to the Differential Geometry Library from the Atlas Palette requires internet connectivity. All other features, including all functionality, visualization, and the Atlas Wizard, do not require an internet connection and can be used offline.

The DG library includes:

  • 2D coordinate systems
  • 3D coordinate systems
  • plane curves
  • space curves
  • two-dimensional surfaces
  • exact solutions of Einstein's field equations

About the Developer

DigiArea, Inc. develops modern math tools. DigiArea's main fields are differential geometry and approximation methods. The tools can be successfully used for education in universities and institutes and by professionals in their everyday work.

Product Support

Atlas 2 for Mathematica is developed and supported by DigiArea, Inc.

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