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What's New in Fuzzy Logic 2?

Fuzzy Logic 2 includes several bug fixes, performance improvements, and most important, a large number of new functions that enhance the already robust set of utilities available with the package. Below you will find a list of the new functionality and a notebook that demonstrates the new features found in Fuzzy Logic 2.

New in Version 2

  • Universal space now defined with three numbers that specify the start and end of the universal space and the increment between elements, giving users a greater flexibility in choosing the universal space
  • Membership functions to create special types of fuzzy sets, including bell-shaped, sigmoidal, two-sided Gaussian, and digital fuzzy sets
  • Visualization tool, fuzzy graph, to show what a set of fuzzy rules looks like
  • Functions to find the smallest of maximum defuzzification and the bisector of area defuzzification of a fuzzy set
  • Operators to return the fuzzy cardinality of a fuzzy set, the degree of subsethood between fuzzy sets or relations, the Hamming distance from one fuzzy set or relation to another, and the set of all alpha levels that represent distinct alpha cuts of a fuzzy set or relation
  • Yu and Weber union and intersection operations
  • Introduction of alpha cuts for fuzzy relations
  • Fuzzy relation equations
  • Random fuzzy sets and fuzzy relations functions
  • Fuzzy inferencing functions for rule-based inference
  • Fuzzy arithmetic functions for fuzzy multiplication and division
  • Fuzzy c-means clustering function that returns a list of cluster centers, a partition matrix indicating the degree to which each data point belongs to a particular cluster center, and a list containing the progression of cluster centers found during the run

Download: Mathematica notebook | HTML

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