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LensLab 2.2

Entry-Level Ray-Tracing Package for Mathematica

LensLab LensLab is a Mathematica application package for ray tracing, rendering and analysis of simple and complex optical systems. Brought to you by the team that created Optica, LensLab lets you define lenses, mirrors, prisms, cavities, ring cavities, Fresnel mirrors and lenses, lens doublets and triplets, pinholes, gratings, pipes, liquid-air interfaces, slits, optical fibers, lasers, amplifiers, beam splitters, screens, baffles and paraxial components. Regardless of their form, all components can have rectangular, circular, elliptical or arbitrary polygonal edges. In addition to LensLab's built-in library of lenses, mirrors, prisms and gratings, new components can be created and existing ones modified with its component-structuring language.

Here are some of LensLab's many predefined elements, which can readily be user-supplemented:

  • 61 optical components
  • 21 lenses
  • 12 mirrors
  • 2 prisms
  • 7 light sources
  • 10 high-level functions

Key Features

  • Sequential and non-sequential ray tracing in three-dimensional space
  • Amplitude and optical path length information
  • Arbitrary, user-defined optical surface profiles of any shape
  • Analytic parametric descriptions of optical surface shapes
  • Symbolic parameterization of optical system characteristics
  • Energy calculations, including models of gain and absorption

About the Developer

Donald Barnhart has been developing optical design and analysis software in Mathematica since 1991. In 1994, while working on his master's degree, he developed the world's first successful holographic instrument to measure three-dimensional velocity fields in fluids. He completed his PhD in 2001 at Loughborough University in England.

Product Support

LensLab is developed and supported by Dr. Donald Barnhart.

Dr. Donald Barnhart
Optica Software
Division of Barnhart Optical Research
4679 Torrey Circle Apt 204
San Diego, CA 92130
phone: +1-217-418-3469
email: support@opticasoftware.com

LensLab 2.2.1 requires Mathematica 6, 7 or 8 and is compatible with all supported Mathematica platforms.

LensLab is © 2006–2011 Dr. Donald Barnhart.

Note: LensLab 2.2.1 is available for sale through Wolfram Research in the US and Canada only. For international orders, please contact Optica Software.