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Your Simulation with Mathematica's Object Orientation

Symbols and Numbers--Mathematische Software GbR Mathematica 11 compatible

Objectica adds full-scale, perfectly integrated object orientation to Mathematica. You can rapidly build your mathematical models using classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation. With Objectica, the capabilities of Mathematica are combined with the power of object orientation.

In addition to its simple and easy-to-learn syntax, Objectica has many consistency checks and automatisms that support your development, especially in a commercial environment. Objectica enables more productive development and leaves more room for thorough model creation by allowing you to:

  • Focus on your simulation, not on programming
  • Map real-world objects directly to objects in your simulations
  • Build your models from bottom to top, starting with small and manageable units
  • Reuse code by means of a simple declaration
  • Create black-box models as building blocks of a simulation kit

Key Features
  • Full-scale object orientation
  • Simple and easy-to-learn syntax
  • Perfect integration into Mathematica
  • Familiar concepts such as classes, objects, constructors, destructors, fields, methods and properties
  • Declarative control over binding, inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation
  • Automatic variable generation that allows switching to any solver after building the model
  • Special support of commercial class libraries
  • Quick object access
  • Many consistency checks and thorough documentation

About the Developer

Stephan Leibbrandt is a Mathematica and .NET consultant located in Aachen, Germany, and is co-owner of Symbols and Numbers, a company that conducts mathematical modeling and simulation. He has 15 years of experience with Mathematica and has worked with Donald Barnhart on ray tracing applications, including Optica.

Stephan received a master's degree in mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Aachen, where he continues a partnership with the department of computer science.

Product Support

Objectica is developed and supported by Stephan Leibbrandt.

Symbols and Numbers
Stephan Leibbrandt
Ringstraße 100
D-52078 Aachen
fax: +49-(0)241-566-0827
email: support@symbols-and-numbers.com
web: http://www.objectica.net

Objectica 1.1.5 requires Mathematica 9 or greater and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Note: Contact the developer for trial information.