STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Wolfram STEM Initiative
Programs and resources for educators, schools, students, and "lifelong learners" of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
For Educators and Schools

Build your educational resources and opportunities for educators to facilitate teaching excellence

It's predicted that 80% of new jobs will require math, science, and engineering, and 50% of the technical workforce will retire soon, making it more important than ever to inspire students to pursue careers in these fields.

Educators in thousands of schools engage their students in active learning, increase understanding of STEM concepts, and improve performance with Mathematica and our educational resources.

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For Students

Enhance and foster your students' skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to empower the next generation of innovators

STEM can give students the skills for exciting and rewarding careers, and even to help build a better world—design an underwater city, develop a new source of renewable energy, or find a cure for cancer.

Millions of students use Mathematica and our vast repository of educational resources to gain a new perspective on science, math, and engineering. Through a variety of special programs and opportunities for students, your students too can get a leg up in their classes, research projects, and career opportunities.

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