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Project Support

Your project. Our experts.

Development, updating, and optimization of Mathematica-related projects and applications. With Project Support, we get hands-on with Mathematica programming to help you accomplish your goals.

All you need to do is tell us about your project and how you'd like it to work. We'll take it from there.

What Do You Need?

Get new, custom Mathematica-based applications to solve a specific problem or create a new interaction.

Modernize older code and notebook documents to take advantage of the latest features and functionality.

Take full advantage of our technology to make your programs work more efficiently.

Why Project Support?

Expert Assistance
We offer unparalleled expertise in the Wolfram product family paired with diverse backgrounds in science, engineering, and business.

Measurable Results
You ask us to solve a problem, and we'll solve it. You can even provide test scenarios for us to ensure success.

In-Depth Troubleshooting
Get a helping hand to clear hurdles in your project or code.

Web Deployment and Interactivity
Need to provide online access to your tool? We can help you deploy online interactivity through webMathematica.

How It Works

If desired, we coordinate a nondisclosure agreement to ensure your project's confidentiality.

Outline the basic use cases and desired functionality of your project. Share any files you think will help us understand.

We review your materials and provide a free, no-obligation estimate of your project.

We get to work. You get the final application, code, and/or notebooks (with in-line comments) and basic documentation.