Battery Stack: Modeling a Cooling Circuit

Modeling and simulation can be used to custom design components for specific application scenarios. This example uses the SmartCooling library to model an electric vehicle battery stack with a cooling circuit. The model is then used to demonstrate the usability of an on-off hysteresis control for the cooling fan to keep the maximum cell temperature between given limits.

Develop Complex Cooling Systems

Rapidly develop complex cooling systems by using detailed library components.

Use Realistic Flow Characteristics

Use detailed flow resistance and thermal conductance models to create more realistic models.

Cooling concept of an electric vehicle traction battery
System model of
the battery stack
cooling circuit
Subsystem model
Turbulent, transient, and laminar flow
Keeping maximum cell temperature below limit via on-off
hysteresis control for cooling fan

Simple Implementation

Simply drag and drop custom components to create simulation models.

System Analysis

Analyze the complete system behavior and develop cooling strategies fulfilling system design criteria.

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