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Graphics & Visualization: Dynamic Visualizations with Mathematica

Videos, animations, and interactive infographics are used increasingly in scientific, technical, and even popular media. This course illustrates the principles behind constructing graphics sequences, manipulating a simulated camera, building an interactive interface, operating on standard video formats and data, and more.

Level: Intermediate

The course is for those who want to learn to create dynamic visualizations in Mathematica. Some familiarity with Mathematica and visualization principles is helpful.

On Demand
This course is available on demand (29:30) Free
This course is not currently scheduled.


  • Dynamic Visualizations versus Animations
  • The Driving Forces of Visual Dynamics
  • 2D Spline Evolution Paths
  • Fundamentals of 3D Evolution
  • Driving the Mathematica Simulated Camera
  • Real-Time Control of the Camera
  • Tours of Complex 3D Structures
  • Object Tours with Dramatic Transitions