Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Video Class

Using Real-World Data in the Classroom

Download Presentation Notebook Level: Intermediate Video: 25 min


This course demonstrates how the Wolfram Language built-in curated Knowledgebase can be used to bring real-world data, computation and visualization into the classroom for exploration and learning. Examples are given from a sampling of the thousands of represented domains, including chemistry, geography, weather and word data.

Featured Products & Technologies: Mathematica, Wolfram Language, Wolfram|Alpha, Wolfram Knowledgebase

You'll Learn To

  • Compute and visualize chemical data and properties
  • Work with geographic, population and many other kinds of country data and properties
  • Access historic and current weather data to plot precipitation and other values
  • Use built-in dictionary search functionality to find anagrams, palindromes and properties in many languages
  • Look up a particular use or sense of an English word using built-in word data
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