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How Happy Are People in My Country?

2hr 30min
CBM Intermediate (ages 10 and up)
2 Certifications
Estimated Time: 2hr 30min
Course Level: CBM Intermediate (ages 10 and up)
Requirements: This course requires knowledge of common data visualisations (bar chart) and statistics (mean, median), as well as very basic spreadsheet skills.
Certification Levels: Course completion, Wolfram Certified Level I

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Happiness, like many other subjective measures, is difficult to define. But with careful assumptions, many governments and businesses can analyse subjective data and use it to improve future growth or the lives of their citizens. In this course, you will learn how the assumptions are made and how data scientists analyse reliable sources of data, ultimately finding a measure of how happy people are in your country.

You'll Learn To

Solve a real problem using the computational thinking process

Make assumptions and define the problem precisely

Choose and apply real tools to find answers

Interpret the results of the analysis and present an opinion based upon evidence

Assess the reliability of primary and secondary sources of data

Convert subjective data into quantifiable measures


This self-study resource is part of the Computer-Based Maths (CBM) project and works in the Wolfram Cloud. It's free and easy to get started using the Wolfram Cloud—sign in with your Wolfram ID or create one. No plan is required. This full interactive course includes video reviews, chapter quizzes and an independent project. A certificate of course completion is available (further certification will be available in the future).

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