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Carsten Herrmann

Carsten Herrmann

Carsten Herrmann has worked with Mathematica in technical support and marketing capacities since 1988. He translated Stephen Wolfram’s The Mathematica Book (Das Mathematica Buch, 3. Auflage) and contributed to the Mathematica German Language Kit. Herrmann is the author of his own Mathematica book, Mathematica: Probleme, Beispiele, Lösungen.

During his years of college study, Herrmann was a teaching assistant in mathematics and statistics courses. At the Institut für Meereskunde in Kiel, he worked as a teacher/consultant in programming and statistics. He briefly worked as a high school mathematics and computer science teacher. He has taught courses in computer use and Mathematica.

Institución: mathemas ordinate, Kiel, Germany
Títulos: MS, University of Texas at El Paso
PhD qualified, University of Wisconsin—Madison
Dipl. Math., Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Idiomas: German, English, some French, a little Spanish and Russian
Intereses: Fundamentals of Mathematica, applied mathematics, sailing, swimming, philosophy, history, painting