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Nabil Fares

Nabil Fares

Nabil Fares has used Mathematica since 1988 in both teaching and research. In teaching, he has developed and demonstrated Mathematica packages to illustrate engineering analysis methods. In research, he has developed advanced engineering software for clients, an experience that has enhanced his teaching abilities.

Fares has taught a variety of engineering courses at several universities. Before starting his own consulting company, he was a professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, and then at Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, New York, for a combined period of about 10 years. He has been a certified instructor with Wolfram Research since 2001.


University of Balamand, Lebanon


BS in Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
MS in Civil Engineering, MIT
PhD in Structural Mechanics, MIT


English, French, Arabic


Drawing (pencil), origami, kickboxing